Tomas Lee is a well-seasoned executive chef, having cooked for one of the top Atlanta area restaurant groups, Buckhead Life, from 1990 to 2002.  From there, Tomas was the proprietor and head chef at his own spot in Norcross, GA, a close suburb of Atlanta, appropriately named “Tomas”.  He provided locals with French-American cuisine inspired from his early work with top chefs in New York while going to school at The Culinary Institute of America.

Eager to incorporate his own Korean-American heritage, Tomas sought to bring the taco truck craze to the East Coast by opening Hankook Taqueria on Atlanta’s West side near the Georgia Tech campus.  Combining traditional Korean meats and spices with the easy-to-eat style of Mexican tacos and burritos, visitors find the fusion unique and extremely tasty.

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“It's a drive for us, but one we love to make. Great tacos at a great price. The mix of Mexican and Korean flavors plus a lot of creativity make for tacos that are a little different and great. My favorites are the fish (add jalapenos), calamari, buffalo chicken, and tong dak. The nachos are great too. The bibim bop is enough for two meals, but it too is great.”
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